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Lancaster Chiropractors Focus On Healing


We have a very high success rate in caring for
people that have failed to respond to the
traditional medical approach.

Pure, Simple Chiropractic

For over four decades George’s Chiropractic Health Center has been the place to find Lancaster chiropractors who love helping individuals achieve a better quality of life.

Your Pathway to Good Health

If you do not take time for your health now, it surely won’t give you time in the future.
Lee Thomas

What We Will Do For You

  • Provide only objective care
  • Provide only necessary procedures
  • Provide only specific spinal adjustments
  • Provide a positive, warm and friendly atmosphere
  • Provide a course of action tailored specifically for you

We are here to help you regain your ability to heal!

Dr. Beth RisserDr. Terri Heck & Dr. Greg Bedesem are chiropractors who still practice within the Chiropractic Philosophy & Principles, and believe that is what stands us apart from others.

We use an adjusting technique called Torque Release that requires no twisting of the neck, provides a very precise, yet gentle adjustment. We work with your body to allow you to regain your ability to heal.

We also offer people an uplifting and positive experience towards achieving lasting wellness, whether they are a few hours old, or over a century old! Why not let us help you too! Contact us today to schedule a consultation & exam. You’ll be glad you did.

My thigh pain is mostly gone. My neck, hip and back issues are improving. I have greater range of motion and feel better. Try Chiropractic, it is worth it! It makes a big difference.
JD Cirillo

Dr. Beth Risser, Dr. Terri Heck, & Dr. Greg Bedesem
Lancaster Chiropractors